Overview of Zhuhai

Zhuhai is in the southwest Pearl River estuary in Guangdong Province, with Hong Kong across the bay in the east and Macao adjacent in the south and nearby east. It is a key point of the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road. As one of China's first special economic zones, the city has continuously prioritized ecological development, enjoying one of the best environments in China.


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International airports near Zhuhai

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport - 141 km to Zhuhai Railway Station

Guangzhou Baiyun international Airport - 164 km to Zhuhai Railway Station

Macao International Airport - 10 km to Zhuhai Railway Station

*Hong Kong International Airport - 65 km to Zhuhai Railway Station

Local airport

** Zhuhai Jinwan Airport - 40 km to Zhuhai Railway Station

Travel guidelines

* Hong Kong International Airport

For international arrivals, we recommend you take flights to Hong Kong International Airport. More information on Hong Kong International Airport can be found here


 Visa/entry permit requirements for visitors to Hong Kong

Nationals of about 170 countries and territories may visit Hong Kong without a visa/entry permit for a period ranging from 7 days to 180 days. For more information on visa/entry permit requirements for visitors to the HKSAR, you may refer to the "Visit Visa / Entry Permit Requirements for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" webpage. More information on Visit/Transit to Hong Kong can be found here 


Connection from Hong Kong International Airport to Zhuhai

Hong Kong International Airport is a multi-modal transport centre, offering travellers extensive land and sea connections to cities throughout the Greater Bay Area, including Zhuhai. Visitors can take Ferry or Cross-boundary Coach services from Hong Kong International Airport to Zhuhai.


More information on the connection from Hong Kong International Airport to the mainland China can be found here


For the latest ferry schedule and ticketing arrangement, please check with the ferry operators here


More information on Mainland/Macao Coaches can be found here


** Zhuhai Jinwan Airport 

For domestic arrivals, we recommend you take flights to Zhuhai Jinwan Airport. We will arrange shuttles to travel between the hotel and Jinwan airport. More detail on the shuttle schedule will be released later.  


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