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Frequently asked questions:


Question: I failed to submit an abstract because the system gives a reminder "Please set at least an author as the speaker". How can I solve the problem?

Answer: The problem is that you should choose at least one author in the list as the speaker of your submission. Please click the penshape icon on the right hand side of the author who will give presentation, as shown in the screenshot below, and set his/her as the speaker.


Question: I uploaded a full length article in system, will the article be published in the conference proceeding or on the journal Matter and Radiation at Extremes?

Answer: Uploading full length article is optional while ICMRE will not publish conference proceeding. If you'd like to submit to Matter and Radiation at Extremes, the only access is via AIPP PXP system via https://mre.peerx-press.org/.



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